Family set up secret camera to catch relative ‘abusing their daughter’


The parents of a girl, 12, saw her allegedly being abused by a family relative after installing CCTV cameras in her bedroom.

Leandro Sebastian Martinez, 41, was filmed following the girl into her room at her home in Moron, a province in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a family reunion in January.

He then allegedly assaulted her, before she told him: ‘Did you notice that my parents installed security cameras?’

The girl had previously told a school friend that Martinez had touched her sexually in a WhatsApp audio message sent in August 2018, local media reports.

The friend’s mum told the girl’s parents, who then discussed it with their daughter and sought help from a child psychologist.

Martinez is married to one of the girl’s father’s cousins, who was pregnant at the time the family first heard the accusations.

As a result, the family decided not to take instant legal action and to see if they could get evidence of the alleged abuse.

During the family reunion, the girl reportedly invited Martinez into her home, knowing that he might try and assault her again.

The girl’s father told local media that she had taken the risk because she could not longer endure his abuse.

After Martinez allegedly assaulted her, she then pointed out the camera and his face was captured as he looked straight into the lens.

He then reportedly grabbed the girl around her neck before then going on the run.

The girl’s father told local media: ‘When we saw that the videos proved what our daughter told us was true, we went crazy.’

Her mother added: ‘My daughter was a flower girl at his wedding. We look after our children but our worst enemy was there half a metre from us.’

Martinez has been on the run since January 23, after local authorities issued a warrant for his arrest. The girl’s father believes that he had received a tip-off.

He said: ‘When the police broke into his house supposedly Leandro and his wife had gone on holiday to Mar del Plat, but they left the back door unlocked.

‘Who goes on holidays and does that? They had been warned about the arrest, obviously.’

The investigation is still ongoing.